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Friday, October 14, 2011

Think Globally - Eat Locally

I recently joined this meet up group for open minded food travelers, on the advice of my new friend Nona. The group dines at various places, trying a variety of cuisines, drinking wine, and enjoying each others company. There are hundreds of members, but only 12-20 can attend any one event. The guests are selected by the organizer, Shelley, from a list of those who register. I was somehow chosen for dinner Wednesday!

The restaurant was Thai Lao, a Thai restaurant with Laotian connections I guess. I arrived at 7:30 and introduced myself to Shelley, who immediately picked up on my accent. Sure enough, she is from Antigonish Nova Scotia, not at all far from my home town of Truro. Just goes to show you can travel a long way to meet a neighbor.

We were lucky to have Damdy of Laotian roots in our midst to select the restaurant and menu in advance. We started with a salad, a pork and a shrimp appetizer, then enjoyed rice, fried rice and sticky rice with a spicy ground beef dish and a delicious coconut curry fish dish. There were two desserts - the one I tried was delicious but I have no idea how to describe it. The other was very gooey and apparently also good. All that plus lots of good red wine - who could ask for more? I really enjoyed the evening, and as always met some interesting people from all over the world.

Stay tuned for more meet up encounters


  1. I have family in Antigonish Nova Scotia!

    Small world.

    Take notes. We will go to the best ones upon my return to Paris.

  2. I have so many new places to show you. Yummy Indian, Thai, and Lebanese so far.

  3. :) Waiting for more updates. Thanks for making me a celebrity. Now, I can show everyone I'm referenced here. :)

  4. Nona you rescued me from boring food!


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