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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Week in Paris. Friday that same week - Day 5

When I first moved to Kansas City I had to find several things in order to feel comfortable: music, the wine store and spicy food. I will admit to being worried about all three. The night I arrived I could find only country and gospel on the radio, and the food choices appeared to be BBQ and fast food. Uh-oh what had I done?

It all got better of course. Kansas City is the home of great jazz and blues, and in fact every kind of music is easily found there. Although there are a number of good wine stores my sentimental and practical favorite became RedX, home of groceries, hardware, souvenirs and hundreds of varieties of wine. It remains the only grocery store I ever saw people smoking in while buying groceries, but that is another story.

Now for the spicy food: well my first positive sign was Chipotle. Okay good that helps. Much to my delight Mexican food, both traditional and Tex-Mex appeared on every corner, along with really good Margaritas. Spanish tapas, especially La Bodega  became a favorite, along with the best sangria I have enjoyed. I feel like there is a recuring theme with the liquids. And then Thai food presented itself in a perfectly respectable fashion.

So now I am in Paris, searching for spice. I visited every Asian restaurant within miles, and was very disappointed. Curry was more like tomato sauce or ketchup, not even worth eating.

Then it all changed. I went to a very good Thai restaurant, Num,  and then another The Banyan Tree. And then Indian restaurants: Saravanaa Bhavan - so good I went twice in a row! And now an added bonus: a friend who cooks Indian food! Yes Friday night was home cooked Indian food, and salsa dancing  because what else could follow that act?

So in case you are following, Monday night historical French food and wine, Wednesday Canadian beer and Friday home made Indian food followed by a little salsa dancing. Stay tuned for the International tasters tour!


  1. Saravanaa Bhavan is the right choice. A bit of Indian chaos with tasty food. :) Thanks for the Thai recommendations.

    Next time your friend is cooking, let me know. I miss home cooked food. :)

  2. Yes home cooking can be very good.


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