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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week in Paris. And then it happened day 7

Throughout my life there have been a few common themes.
I move around a lot.
I change boyfriends.
I change my hair color.
I switch jobs frequently.


Until today.

In Paris - well Suresnes actually.

But here they have McChevre wrap! Not great, but a goat cheese wrap at McDonald's (here they call it McDo)  is a whole new experience for me. No chicken, no McRib, no McLobster - just chevre. Go figure.


  1. McDonalds in Paris is not the same as McD's in the states. Fer Sur. I popped into a McCafe for the first time in Paris for a coffee. It was late, starting to get cold and raining. What a shock! I walked right into a fine French pastry case full of all kinds of wonderful treats. I got a hot waffeley, pancakey, crepey thingy with vanilla ice cream inside and ate it riding back to the hotel dripping all the way!

    So, if you have to go to McD, do it in Paris!

  2. A lot of changes to manage! :)

    MickeyD's... Forget of about the health factor. But isn't it delicious? :)

  3. Not delicious but not a Big Mac either.


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