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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where have you met someone interesting?

Think about people in your life, past, present, future.
Now where did you meet them? Here are just a few examples from my life.

Lynn was introduced to me by my then fiancé. The friendship was the best thing to come from that. The first night we met (at the engagement party she was throwing for us) she told him that whatever happened she was keeping me. And I guess she did.

Alison, at L'Area Bar in Paris, introduced by owner Edouard the first week after I arrived. He thought we might get on well, and he was dead right. Who says you can't meet a nice girl in a bar?

Janice, fellow Canadian was introduced to me by my friend and neighborhood butcher in Paris. He thought two Canadian girls in Paris might become friends. Right again. Now he always knows where to find her!

Bob, an almost fling once in my life who I met in an airport terminal in NYC. I was bitchy to him when he attempted to chat, then found myself seated next to him on the plane. What are the chances?

Richard: we were introduced via email by our new boss and spoke together on the phone before arriving at my new job. We were supposed to figure out a project and I guess we eventually did. He became my mentor and friend during the process, and also my favorite artist.

Oh and at the time we were working for Richie, who in another chapter altogether offered me the chance to live in Paris.Well actually in a casual conversation he mentioned he was opening a branch in Paris and I somehow wormed my way in.

Gina? We met at a very contentious condo board meeting. Before that a mutual acquaintance had suggested that we might get on well, since we both like to drink wine.She swears that was the first thing I asked her, but I think she is exaggerating. I am sure I confirmed her name first.

Kathleen: I met through a mutual acquaintance when I arrived at her salon extremely frustrated by the receptionist's very poor driving directions. Can't believe she befriended me considering how pissed I was at being lost for so long, but the friendship was helped out by...

Chuck: who suggested we all sit together at a little Mexican restaurant in KC. My friend Beth had made me promise not to sit at home that evening even though I did not know a single person in KC. I forced myself to go to the restaurant, and received a very warm welcome and 2 new friends.

Don't you wonder how and why this happens? I think there is a thread, so fine that we cannot always see it. I would like to hear about random encounters in your life that have turned into friendships.


  1. Here's one. My friend the butcher introduced me to another Canadian. And now I know where to find both of you.

  2. Chuck does know how to pick great girls :) I'm so glad he convinced me to invite you you dear friend!!! Thank you...

  3. And thank goodness for that Board meeting! Not only did I meet you and develop one of the best friends ever, you graciously lured me to visit Canada, where you introduced me to Lynn! Prior to that visit we had many girls night - meeting Kathleen & Chuck (yea, I think we invited him once or twice;) and then Annie!

    Next thing I know, I'm in Mexico for the holiday with you!

    Then I am in Paris this last holiday...and you introduced me to your friends! Janice, Allison, Julie and many more!

    As Kathleen noted...thank you, my dear friend!

    1. Yes who would have guessed what a great friendship circle would have come from one meeting! Love you.

  4. I remember starting that project with a long Friday lunch, nice restaurant and a glass of good wine. If that was mentoring I accept the complement! I'm glad to see you have taken it up a notch in your evolving career!
    Who would have thought at that time you would become my poetry mentor, best critic and serious collector of my artwork in my evolving career.

    1. There is no better way to start a project or a friendship!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Did we meet in an unusual manner? Sorry if this appeared unkind not to mention a close friend.


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