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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Choose wisely

How are you spending your day? This is the only today you will ever have. Are you looking at something beautiful? Eating something delicious? Spending time with someone who has a positive impact on your life? I can happily say yes to all three questions.

Happiness comes from such simple pleasures. This morning I was on rue Mouffetard thanking Christophe for the delicious chicken he cooked yesterday for the enjoyment of my friends at dinner last night. I bought eggs "plein air", grainy bread from my favorite bakery, and the best yogurt ever from the fromagerie.

Cool metro station

Next stop was brunch with two girlfriends at Nomads, Place du Marche St Honore. Food was good if overpriced - service was indifferent at best. The company though was so good we moved to a bit of shopping, strolling, and a glass of wine at Cafe Ruc. One friend is very happy with where she is right now, the other is having some "life questions" present themselves to her. We doled out to each other in equal measure support and, as Mom would say "a swift kick in the arse".  The main point was, "choose how you want to live your life, who you want to include and let the rest go". Perhaps a second glass of wine would have made us all more profound!

The afternoon concluded with a beautiful walk home along the Seine, a pause at Notre Dame, and a walk back down rue Mouffetard. There really is no place I would rather be.

My advice is, choose what you want to do this very minute. Tomorrow you can do the same thing.


  1. Good thought.

    On a lighter note, you might not be able to do the same thing tomorrow. You know Paris by now. It might change colors(weather). :) This weekend was great (weather-wise).

  2. Hi Nona. I mean tomorrow you can once again choose to do what you want - even if it is something different than today!

  3. You are a smart traveler and a wise truth seeker.

  4. I love those chickens from Christophe. He may just be the best chicken roaster in all of Paris. And he's pretty darn cute, too.

  5. Yes and totally into this Canadian chick. I guess she stole his heart.


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