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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nebbiolo don't tell everyone

Upon moving to ParisI wanted to make a big effort to meet people quickly. Having moved 17 times in about as many years I know how important it is to get established quickly and make friends. I was lucky to discover MeetUp, an idea with post 9-11 origins, created  to help people make real life connections using the internet. It works.

This week I dined out with Paris Urban Adventures at Nebbiolo.
I was the first to arrive, typically Canadian, and had a nice chat with Frederico, who just opened the restaurant a month ago along with his wife Sonia. The business is the perfect marriage of Italy and wine (him) and France and cuisine (her).

We started with this lovely sparkiling wine Alta Langa, a champagne
style but not from Champagne which was surprisingly delicious
with parmesan dipped in the best ever balsamic.

The Gavi di Gavi was paired with the Burrata,
a super creamy mozerella and puree of beets.

A Valpolicella Ripasso
that puts most others to shame
to go with the black rice salad.

And the Amarone.
Just delicious.
Served with veal and fingerling potatoes.

The cheese course, a Testun I think with grape must..
By this time I am forgetting to take photos of the wine
which is unfortunate. We had sampled quite a few wines by this time!
It was also very good, a Brachetto Piemonte served with fresh peaches. 
Frederico convinced us to pour some of the delicious wine into our peaches.
I can't sign off without mentioning the organizer, Camilla, who is warm, gracious and welcoming to all, including a local who joined us part way through the meal and the owners who by mid evening gave up on any supposed formailty they meant to keep and sampled the rest of the courses along with us. Great spot. I almost want to keep it a secret, but that wouldn't be fair to this couple who deserve every success in life. Thank you to everyone for a memorable evening.


  1. Sounds wonderful! As much as i love Italian wine, I've never tasted Amarone. Now i'm inspired.

    1. One might say until you have tried Amarone you have not tried Italian wine:)

    2. I've never met an Italian I didn't like. I mean, Italian wine I didn't like. Italian wine. #damnyouautocorrect

  2. Wow! Great summary of our wonderful evening! Thanks for the compliment too! I look forward to taking many a guest here for an evening of good wine, good food and wonderful company to as well. The owners are just delightful, and doing a weekend get away sounds like a wonderful plan.... ;-)


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