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Monday, October 3, 2011

Delicious local food and scary creatures

I woke up Saturday morning to friendly voices and the wonderful aroma of breakfast being prepared. Chandrani prepared a feast of plain hoppers, egg hoppers, chili sambol, which is a mixture of chilies, onions, dried fish, and salt all ground up with some lime juice squeezed over at the end, dhal curry, papaya and bananas. Incredibly good. We decided it would be a good idea after to walk the 1.5km to town, but chose the hottest part of the day to do so. We bought what we needed and walked back home for a 2 hour siesta. Lounging by the pool, cocktails, and dinner at Moonbeam Restaurant beachside, a drink at Top Secret beachside, was all we needed to have a lovely sleep that night.
Sunday was similar, except breakfast was string hoppers, fresh tuna, potato curry and coconut sambol. We did not leave the property all day, enjoying the pool and of course the requisite siesta. When we finally decided to go for dinner we walked about 5 minutes to Top Secret and had very mild (too mild) curries next to the Indian Ocean. The surf pounds along the shore here quite dramatically. A nice young local man invited us on his brother’s boat Monday afternoon. It is nice but we probably won’t make it at that time. He also invited us to a private party on the beach where he and his friend will be drumming, and that we might accomplish. Funny story at Top Secret: the poor little dog I was feeling sorry for the night before is actually doing okay. I made friends with him, but when I offered him food he said "No thank you I have already eaten." Live and learn.

Sorry to say but the most exciting thing that happened was wildlife related. Late Sunday night I toddled into my bathroom for the usual reasons and discovered a spider the size of a dinner plate resting on my towel in front of me. I screamed which brought Alison running, and then we screamed together. Unperturbed our new guest continued whatever he was doing. We then ran out, stopping to unlock the door, and tried to explain to the night watchman how much we needed his help. He did not understand but came with us to investigate. As we issued him directions in a language he does not understand from outside the bathroom he searched in vain for our intruder. This was not going well. Finally we creeped into the bathroom and showed him the damn thing which by then was on the floor to take advantage of his camouflage. We pointed, screamed and ran back out. Well he just couldn’t see it, which of course meant he could not remove it. He did his best, looking under all the furniture with his flashlight but no luck. All I could imagine was waking up in the morning and having this monster in bed with me. Yuck.

Dinner at Top Secret Hikkaduwa

Yes he was on my head this morning!
Okay now get this. The next morning, as I walked into my bathroom something landed on my head. No it was not the monster spider from the night before, but it was his little brother. Another big scene, our caretakers came running and finally removed it, still alive, to the great outdoors where it belongs. I have always hated spiders, but will no longer be afraid if the little bitty ones we get in the western world.
The day improved when Chandrani presented us with tuna, milk rice, and chili sambol for breakfast. Quite possibly her biggest challenge was not to laugh too hard at the silly girls.
Well fed local dog


  1. Back to Kingdom of The Spiders, part II...

    Good food, the sound of crashing waves and cocktails by the beach sounds like things are picking up. Even a friendly dog!

  2. The food looks yummy. Can you get it packed when you return back to Paris? Think it is "Egg Appam". Sorry to hear about the wildlife encounter.


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