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Monday, October 31, 2011

I hate Halloween

Does anyone remember Schleprock from Bedrock? He was a character in the Flintstones, always walking around with a black cloud over him. And of course bad luck followed him everywhere. I think it was the basis for my belief that whatever energy you are injecting into the universe is almost exactly what you receive back.
So, ever since I was a little girl I have hated Halloween. It is such a strange tradition: dress up as a scary creature and go door to door demanding sweets. Non payment results in eggs or soap or worse on your neighbors windows and doors. Creepy.
Tonight I met my friend for a drink, and tried not to be bothered by the yucky made up faces in the bar. Left early, and managed to walk into the middle of an egg war right in front of my place. Yes I am now wearing egg yolk on my white leather jacket.
So what is the lesson: stay in bed next Halloween? Join in the fun to project better energy? Or just accept that one day a year  I may need to dodge an egg, look away from a scary monster, and run like hell if a vampire is following me home!

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