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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Week in Paris. And then it was Sunday

Roman Aqueduct

I had big plans for Sunday. I  was going to meet my friends at the Area Bar for the final rugby match between New Zealand and France at 10, possibly have brunch, and then head off for a full day of sightseeing. The previous night's fun had an impact though, and I started with the latter.

The Paris if you Please group had a "Fun in the Fourteenth" walk  to view particularities of that arrondissement. Sab, our organizer did a great job of planning the day, including the provision of questions and answers to what we would be seeing. I am including below as photos so you can share in the fun.

We started in Montsouris Parc.

Thomas Paine, The Golden Age

Old Petite Ceinture Line
Montsouris Parc

Quarry Miner, Montsouris Parc

Spanish astronomer Arago and
marker for The Meridian Line

The Meridian line made famous again in Davinci Code
Weather Station Montsouris Parc

A Wallace Fountain
Indicator of Roman and Medicis Aqueduct
And then on the streets we saw various sources of water. The remains of the Roman aqueducts were impressive and plentiful

Roman Aqueduct

What a pleasant surprise
 to see street art by our own organizer!
Yeah Sab!

A less happy sight but also surprising,
 a large active prison right in Paris. Who knew?

When the numbering system did not allow for additions, they added
bis for the second, ter for the third and quater for the fourth repeat of a number.

Of course we finished with dinner. We even picked up a couple
of new people to join us! Yum Saravanaa Bhavan!

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