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Monday, February 6, 2012

The hunt for technology leads to rewards of a different kind

All checked in at Edmonton Airport I decided to search for a few last minute items. 
First a cover for my Kindle. 

At this store the sales person repeated "Kindle?" several times with a puzzled look on her face until I left. I bet if she is still saying "Kindle?" even now. 
I was left with the understanding that even this technology whiz is not familiar with Kindle. Thus no Kindle cover was obtained.

At the next stop I was reminded that Indigo supports Kobo, not Kindle. 
No Kindle cover for me in Edmonton.

At the same time although  I was motivated to pick up my emails on the advertised free Wi-Fi my iPhone simply would not cooperate.  So I stopped by the iStore to see if some smart kid working there could give me some useful advice.

To my surprise the salesperson was not using an iPhone in the iStore, but a Samsung Galaxy. 
In the iStore. 
In fact the iStore sells other brands. 

Am I the only one who didn't know this?

Anyway she recommended I consult my local provider in Paris.  
I am sure Bouygues Telecom is familiar with Edmonton International's Wi-Fi access issues.

Based on my lack of success with shopping I chose a Plan B.
The bartender promised and delivered a very good Bloody Caesar. 
Then I flew to Calgary.

Upon arrival at Calgary Airport, I skipped the shopping 
and went directly for the Caesar.
Don't mind the blurriness. I am sure it had nothing to do with the photographer or the Caesar.

There was technology galore even at the bar.

Oh I also flew to London Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle. No pics though. Not that you can make out anyway.

All this to say - airport shopping looks good on the surface, all shiny and bright, but be prepared to lower your expectations on expertise.  (Does not apply to bartenders.)


  1. I like the way you ended the post. :)

  2. You can always count on plan B. When in doubt go strait to the bar!

  3. I love when shopping trips are abandoned for drinks! And I have no idea what a Bloody Caesar is. Please explain.

  4. A Bloody Caesear is similar to a Bloody Mary, but made with clamato instead of tomato juice, It is a Canadian thing.


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