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Monday, February 20, 2012

First and Momentous Paris encounters

Have you had a surprising encounter in your city? Or one that turned out to have a bigger than anticipated result? I will share a few of mine in Paris.

I was kissed by a gorgeous man on the RER. I never saw him before or since. Well only in my dreams since.

A man got up from his seat on the metro, stood in front of my sister and struck his sexiest pose. We weren't quite sure what an appropriate next move was so we kind of giggled. He returned to his seat rather defeated. Remember this Angie?

A man I had never seen before recited a poem to me while I was having dinner in my neighborhood restaurant. Before he started I asked him if it would be a long poem. He admitted it was rather long but promised it would be worth it. The jury is still out on that one.

While dining at a restaurant the server gave me her cell phone. There was a call for me. The restaurant we had visited the night before had the same owner. The server recognized us. I guess we made an impression on the owner as well. My co-conspirators Angie and Tina will remember this.

A man invited me to dinner and then told me I could undress him now if I wanted. I didn't want. I left. 

The gracious owner of a bar took the time to introduce me to a regular patron shortly after I arrived in Paris. He thought we would get along well. She is now a very good friend. Thanks Edouard for helping me to meet Alison! Who says you can't meet nice girls in a bar:)

The lovely butcher I talk to every day introduced me to his girlfriend and in so doing gave me 2 friends for life. Thanks Christophe and Janice.

I went to a social event and discovered the host is from Antigonish. We were practically neighbors growing up. Shelley you rock! 

A very large man kicked me on the metro. Right on the metro.I don't think we will be friends.

My tailor who is from Turkey invited me to spend Sunday with his family. Lovely day and delicious dinner. Incredible hospitality from strangers.

Eating alone one evening I met an Italian economist doing his PhD and then an MBA. His goal - to help companies develop an intrinsically rewarding workplace. I love this idea.

Drum roll for the finale: I met two men who are extra-terrestrials. Yes they are serious. They shared some of the world's mysteries with me.

What has surprised you?


  1. All of them are interesting encounters. :)

  2. I am sure we could all write a book filled with these unusual encounters. Humans...and ET's....never fail to amaze me! :)

  3. Like there are not enough mysteries in life......we need extra-terrestrials to give us more???

  4. The sexy pose...I remember he followed us off the train. He didn't go sit back down defeated.

  5. I don't get nearly enough of these anymore. I'm missing adventure :(

    1. Amie they are all in there just waiting to bust out I am sure!


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