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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friendship: for life?

Maybe because my friends are scattered around the world I find myself thinking a lot about friendship; specifically what moves a person into or out of this category.

For me, someone moves into the friendship category if they
  • Can be trusted, even if the secret they are holding is really juicy. Even if we are both crushing on the same guy (ditto for boots, hand bag, or anything else girls covet)
  • Treat my friends and family like their friends and family
  • Are brave enough to challenge me if I do something that risks our friendship
  • Make me feel better for being around them
  • Are interesting and generally positive about life
  • Forgive me for my faults.
Moving from friend to non-friend? Almost never happens. It would require nothing short of a betrayal. Yes friends are for a reason but not just for a season. I believe in friends for life and am lucky enough to have several.

What do you think about friendship? How does someone move from acquaintance to friend? Have you ever moved someone out of your friendship circle? Why?


  1. I really like this concept of friends for life and your definition of treating friends as family. Many times friends can be closer than blood relatives.

    For me, moving from acquaintance to friend requires a personal interest in each others life, gaining trust and being open to dropping guarded secrets.


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