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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Street Stories #2

Sequel to The Back Story: Every face tells a story.

Every day I walk up my street and get a friendly smile and hello from the cute young kebab seller. His smile lights up the street and is no doubt responsible for the brisk business at the take away restaurant.

One day I notice he looks sad and ask why. He tells me that his father who lives in Syria was arrested and will only be released if his son can send a large amount of money. Should he believe that sending money will secure a release?  In the meantime there is no way to know how he is being treated, or if he will become one of the thousands who "disappear". 

To add to the drama, the young man's wife is expecting a baby, but there is no way to visit or have her come to Paris in the midst of the local violence. He can only hope that their friends and family can protect and care for her.

We see this on the news and it does not seem real. For some including people we have met this is very real. Clearly I and most of my Western friends have lived a sheltered life.

My challenge to you is to ask someone their story.

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  1. Oh, you are so right that we are sheltered and nothing on the news seems real. Thanks for the little reminder.


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