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Monday, January 9, 2012

Meeting through meetup

There are hundreds of meet up groups in Paris. Think of something you like to do, say bungee jumping backwards from a 100 year old tree and there is already a group doing it. Okay maybe there wasn't but by now someone has read this and started that group.
I have found the meetup groups to be a real pleasure. Everyone at these groups is friendly and wants to meet people. Already a great start, right?. 
Sometimes I am contacted by a member of one of the groups to go for a coffee or other activity. Sometimes I accept. It could be that the person is from Canada, or we have a  common interest. Maybe they just like my profile. Anyway it feels right to accept the invitation.
My advice: just like internet dating always meet in a safe and friendly place. Tell someone (not your mother though she will only worry) where you are going and who you plan to meet. If anything feels uncomfortable, just cancel or leave. And of course never give money to anyone you don't know.
I have one new piece of advice: talk to the person on the phone before you meet them. Names can be deceiving, and there are times it is important to know if you are meeting a man or a woman. It could help to know why that person finds you interesting.
In the spirit of privacy, and because it is a fun story to keep under wraps I decline to say more.


  1. It is always good to tell someone where you will be at. That is why I keep updating my status on FB whenever I am traveling. This at least keeps the heat off me to call in to report my current location. The flip side of this you become the target for jokes. When you don't update the status, people call up to ask, "Why no update for 24 hours?". Believe me, it doesn't end there.

    A friend at work uses an iPhone app. I don't remember the name. But when he mentioned the name, it did bring a smile on my face as the app was in the news for locating a cheating spouse. The friend has the app for a different reason. His commute time is more than an hour. If he is on the metro/rer, his wife knows there is no point in calling him! The biggest plus, dinner is ready when he reaches home.

  2. Cool. Wonder if I could make that dinner thing work for me? Is there an app for that? Or is it just called reservations:)

  3. I keep meaning to try to find a meetup for knitting or reading people. That sounds like fun...


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