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Monday, January 23, 2012

Life's little choices

I am walking up the street with my arms full of shopping, laptops, etc. A woman is also walking, pushing her bicycle. She is obviously struggling, and I wonder if she might have Parkinson's or another motor disorder. When I offer her help she asks me if I am Canadian! This is my favorite part of this story.

A young man takes over as I am trying to lift her bicycle up her stairs, still with my hands full.

You were one of the people also on the street. You saw this woman struggling.
Why did you choose not to help?

What would have motivated you to act?

Imagine this is your mother.

 Imagine this is you.


  1. Ooh, I like that second last line. Imagine this is your mother. Chills.

  2. I would have helped. I know what its like to need help - simple things like holding the door open when the person is on crutches LOL. The little things in life bring great rewards. I also think that when a kindness has been shared or, given its paid forward. Do onto others as you would want done unto simple:) Beth

  3. Nice of you to help. The way you ended the post is discomforting. But point taken.

  4. Thank for the comments. Yes I was quite obviously moved both by the woman's need and others unwillingness to help. I agree Beth that the kindness we show one person can multiply throughout the world. Let's keep doing just that.

  5. Kindness is always rewarded in the way you feel about yourself.


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