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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't mess with my ZEN

Sometimes people try my patience.

I recently went to Tiffany's with two friends. The salesperson was dismissive. Nothing feels worse than being treated like you are not worthy.The question is how to respond.

  1. Be snooty back so she knows how it feels? This is usually ineffective, and will carry over to the next person with whom I interact. I am left charged with this negative energy.
  2. Be super nice? Strangely fun and sometimes effective. The recipient will choose to receive this offering neutrally or positively, and I will raise my mood for my next interaction. Keep the snowball rolling in the right direction!
  3. Ignore the waves of negativity. They have nothing to do with me. The person may be having a bad day or may be a generally negative person. Either way I do no accept her mood into my day.

It is a choice. Today I chose #3.

By the way after this little exchange we went to the Park Hyatt and were treated like royalty. We were greeted warmly at every meeting point, escorted to the next hand-off, greeted again and just generally made to feel welcome.

I wonder if our salesperson had the same reception wherever she went next?

Choose your response.


  1. Good choice.
    Negative energy should be reflected back to its source.

  2. You are cooler than I LOVE being nice to people who are rude! I once had a lady try to make me feel bad because her dog had to wait 20 min for a vaccination appointment, even when she saw the dog come in before her that was hit by a car and clearly an emergency. Worse thing is she then admitted to being a nurse so she should know better. I did apologize for the wait but when she kept pushing it expecting me to suck up or grovel because she was upset at the wait..I told her with my best smiley face about triage and how if her animal had the more serious issue she would have been seen first etc. She continued to pout and act put out through the entire visit..and I continued to be nauseatingly cheerful. I was having none of her attitude..and I will admit that I got a perverse pleasure that she was annoyed that I was so nice and cheerful. Does that make me evil? ;)

  3. The important thing is that you rose above it.


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