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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What gets left behind

Since 1987 I have moved 16 times. 
Yup 16 times if I haven't missed one or two in my count.
And I have left some things behind (you will not see my family and friends as left behind - ever I hope).
My fiance: well two actually but I suppose that is for another story. 
My piano: after moving it a few times. Didn't seem to make much sense lugging it around.
Walker and Sunshine
My wonderful dogs: In one very challenging I-broke-off-my-engagement-got-in-big-trouble-with-my-boss-have-to-get-out-of-here-move I temporarily left my dogs with my friend Mike. He assured me I could come back for them. The next time I saw them 
they were laying across his bed smoking cigars drinking whiskey wondering what the hell I was doing there. They wanted to stay so I let them. 

My cats:  when I left Kansas City for Paris, they assured me they would rather stay with my friend Annie than move halfway around the world.They were 16 years old and had moved 14 times.  One of them still loves me. The other will leave the room if I am talking to Annie on Skype. I think we are over.

Some of my favorite paintings: now winging their way back to me!

My books:  Love them. Couldn't part with them. No room for them in Paris. They stayed in Kansas City with my music.
All my other stuff: After deliberating for more than two years about what I should do I just gave it all away to my friends. And it feels good. I am happy to know they have it, and happy I no longer have to wonder what the hell to do with it all.
You know, I wonder if I have left some negative stuff behind in my moves as well.You think?


Waiting to hear from you!