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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pompeii: I should have paid attention in History class

Okay sure I knew Pompeii was a city.  I mean I read the history books. But then we arrived there, and well it really is a city! They give you a city map and you have to pay attention to the street signs. A real honest to God ancient city. Nothing could be cooler than that.

Roman bath used for exercise, socializing and of course bathing

An altar in a private home, a quiet moment

Speed bumps?
A door shorter than Angie!

Small theater used for plays and mimes

Stadium and big theater behind

Bread oven

This mule driver died working.
 Don't let it happen to you!
Pompeii was a treasure, a surprise and also overwhelming. You could easily spend days there, even if you weren't quite as lost as we were. It was easy to allow your imagination to be in the daily life of the baker, the guy carting products down the streets, the tavern patrons. It was obviously a city of wealth, demonstrated by the many homes with multiple buildings around a courtyard, sometimes taking a whole city block.

So what did I learn on my Italy vacation:
  1. Surround yourself with beauty. You know why.
  2. When in Sorrento eat lemons and drink limoncello;
  3. Never feel guilty about eating something delicious;
  4. Eat and drink from the local goods; it enhances your experience of the place.
  5. Don't ever be intimidated; you might miss the fun part;
  6. Live today as if it is your last; just in case it is. It was his and he went to work!


  1. Well I'm not in Sorrento and I've never eaten a lemon, but I do have an authentic bottle of Lemoncello in the house.
    So I'm doing pretty good with your 6 things to follow.

    1. At dinner last night I was eating from a hot pot supposedly of chicken and I bit into one of several pieces of lemon with the rind still on. Awful.

  2. You may have others. But these seemed like appropriate learnings for this trip:)

  3. :) Pompeii.. Yes, I remember the text books. But your pictures are more relevant than the boring text book.


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