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Monday, May 14, 2012

Positano and Capri:no more stairs please!

I had heard so much about Positano I could not wait to get there. Getting there is not so easy just before tourist season as it turns out. There is a boat that leaves at 10:30 AM and then leaves Positano for the return trip at 5 PM. And that's it, except for a bus. We were warned off the bus my my friend Janice who said the twirly roads could make you toss your cookies.

We took the hydrofoil on a sunny but cool day for the hour trip along the coastline, oohing and aahing all the way. The arrival is especially dramatic.

And as suspected there are many stairs to reach those beautiful views... so we climbed several hundred of them for what seemed like forever. I am not sure you ever reach the top of Positano!

But it is true we had an even more spectacular view.

We had a delicious lunch up there, and then didn't know what else to do. So we thought "Why not take the bus back?".

One reason only: there was a rock slide, so the buses could not pass through that day, that's why.
But we could have a driver for a very reasonable price. So we did, and yes indeed at a certain point one lane of the highway was blocked due to a rock slide. We easily drove around it, but in a bus it would have been quite dangerous.

So for us that was Positano. I think we might have missed something. It was beautiful and all, but so is eveywhere there! 

Now Capri, well that is another story altogether.

In Capri history is everywhere. The Empereror Tiberius used Capri as his headquarters from 27-37 AD so the castle there is rather impressive. We got our first glimpse of it from a distance.

The locals
Enjoyed the view if not the climb

Two Madonnas?

Former entrance to the castle
But Capri had another pleasure in store for us: the natural arches. 
Enough said! Just go and see it for yourself.


  1. Wow - looks gorgeous - hope they had some good red wine after the climb~!


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