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Saturday, November 26, 2011

On caring - and showing it

I was struck recently by a friend's sincere appreciation of an act of caring. When she arrived home from work her boyfriend had picked up her dry cleaning and done various things around the home. He was not asked to do it; he did it just because. She was tickled pink, some would say as happy as if he had bought her expensive jewelry. I expect for her this was even better.

That same evening I was given a little hand drawn bookmark, perhaps with a little or a lot of thought. I am not sure. But I really like it and will appreciate it more than something  expensive given without an effort.

 In a similar fashion during the past year I have from time to time received gorgeous hand written messages inside beautiful cards, sometimes with a drawing or painting inside. Each of these is displayed on my mantel, not to show to others so much as to be a constant reminder to me that someone made a big effort to contribute to the beauty and expression in my world,  and shared that contribution with me.

This is a reminder for me, and for you too if you need it. Do the little things that show you care. Do them often. It matters.


  1. Thanks for reminding us. And you are right, It does matter.

  2. Beautiful post. Those little things mean so very much. Plus, you're a shiny bauble and everyone likes putting a smile on that glowing face.

  3. Love to my friends - you are what makes it all worthwhile!


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