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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Between men and women

 Yesterday my male friend said to me' "I don't understand women's obsession with shoes! Why do you need more than two pairs?". Now I realize that this is a question men often ask women, not because they want to know the answer, but because they want to convince us that 2 pairs of shoes should be sufficient for anyone. But this guy seemed like he really wanted to understand. So I painted this story for him.

Me: Have you ever seen a woman enter a tack shop? She will immediately stop, breath in the scents, run her hands over the leather, and truly appreciate the experience.
Him: Yeah okay I get the leather thing but why so many pairs?
Me: Okay let me approach this a different way. You love to read?
Him: Yes. I have a lot of books.
Me: Why not just buy a Kindle?
Him: Because I love the whole experience of the book, the pages that become a bit worn, or the brand new shiny pages that no one has marked up yet, the sections i or someone else has made marks on... I like the feel of the book in my hand.
Me: Yes I do understand. But why so many books? Why not just two? If you want to feel and experience the book just go take it off the shelf and experience the one or two that you have.
Him: Yes okay I get it.

It reminds me of a conversation I had in the past with a boyfriend. He was kindly helping me set up a rather complicated A/V sytem with several components and a rat's nest of cables. His way of being helpful included showing me each necessary connection and explaining where it went and why. At some point the glaze across my face became obvious I guess. He said "You are not interested?" I said "Honey, I really appreciate you assembling this for me. But you know how you glaze over when a woman talks in infinite detail about her feelings? Well this is the reverse."

Since then I get the help without the details. And I saved my "feelings" talks for my girlfriends. Beauty!


  1. You are blogging again! Welcome back.

  2. I'm there for you! I'll always listen to your feelings. I will also glaze over at AV system wiring.


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