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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh yes I am supposed to be working here in Berlin!

Notice the diver within
Berlin. Monday it was time to switch gears and hotels and go to work. I am after all here for a conference. So I am now at Radisson Blue, with a huge four story aquarium in the center of the lobby. I have never seen anything quite like it.    
From the elevator
We are just across a small park complete with arcade-like rides in one of the oldest sections of the city with many charming restaurants and bars. Although the one we chose, Reinhard's, forgot to bring my wine, stabbed me in the back with a fork (okay it was an accident) and brought me a corn salad with no corn, I guess it was still pretty good. Apparently there was a translation issue. I have since asked two German speaking people and they don't know what corn salad is either!
Cool ferris wheel in front of our hotel

Dinner at Reinhard's
Tuesday after the conference we walked to Brandenberg Gate and had a traditional roast goose dinner at Theodor Tucher. The chef and staff carried the whole goose and trimmings to our table, carved and served it tableside. It was quite a production, and one of the best meals I have eaten in Germany. Apparently this is a traditional meal eaten aound the time of St Michael's feast, but I am calling it my Thanksgiving.
Progusta Braufactum
Our server called it beer-wine!

Chef preparing to carve our goose tableside
at Theodor Tucher



Wednesday we finished up the conference and went for a very cold, very long walk to Alexander Platz, Checkpoint Charlie, Pottsdamer Platz, and a few places in between. 


Once a horror story, now a tourist attraction


    After dinner I offered to take the guys' parcels back to the hotel in a taxi so they could enjoy their long cold walk back. By the time they arrived my port and I were all warm and cozy, gazing at the marvelous aquarium.
Thursday was my last night out in Berlin. Sina and Ian met me at Stuttgarter Platz, at the restaurant Leonhardt. Suttgarter Platz is charming and must be really delightful in summer. Even in November it was  welcoming if not quite warm. After tasting the South African (not sure of the type), Shiraz, Bourdeaux and Merlot, we finally decied to just drink one of them, whether or not they were very good. Dinner was good, but as usual the company was better. And from deep within our memory banks we all together remembered how to make one of those little paper things that you write in to learn about how your life will unfold. Although Ian told us it was a girl thing, we all know who eventually succeeded! Now if only we could remember what we are supposed to write on it perhaps it would come true.

Before I forget: if you sit still long enough in Berlin someone will offer you gluhwein. If you sit still too long your ass will freeze to the seat!


  1. I love it! I love how you take a conference work trip and make it into a mini vacation. And I love those little paper things, though how did you manage to remember how to make them?

  2. I met a guy this week who kept saying "Life is now". I am in total agrement. I do like to make plans, but I don't like to wait for a perfect opportunity. Take every chance you get!
    As for the paper foldy thingy - it took 3 of us!

  3. @Apoyando my life feels like a dream!


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