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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's on your list?

Ever since the movie "The Bucket List", it has become a thing to talk about our own bucket lists. If you only had a short time to live, what would you hurry up and do?

Me? What's on my list? Thanks for asking!

On saying I love you: I don't think there is anyone that I love that has not heard it from me directly, but maybe I could say it more often. Now that I know there is zero risk in telling someone, I like to do it as often as possible.

On seeing people I love: There are friends and family I would see if I could. Not to say goodbye, but to laugh and have even more fun.

On travel: There are places I want to visit: Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Tuscany, Seville. Wait how much time are we talking about? I have a long list.

On eating and drinking: There is food I want to eat and wine I want to drink. But I can do that while I am traveling. And of course I will finally listen to Susan and eat my dessert first to make sure I have room.

On adventure: There are adventures I want to have, including scuba diving and swimming with dolphins. Swim in one of those fabulous pools I have been seeing suspended high in the air with transparent bottoms. Ride a water slide so big it scares me.

But you know what? If I just keep living l am I believe I will do all this and more.Who needs a death sentence to live large?


  1. Agreed! Why wait for the death sentence to get as much done before time runs out. I've always liked the concept of an ongoing life list. When the list is complete, start a new list! You are never too old to start a new list.

    If anyone's going to complete many lists it's you! Keep it going.

  2. Yes it seems like I am always adding to mine, which I love. Just yesterday I saw photos of Sicily and thought "I must add Sicily to my list!"

  3. Saying I love you is at the top of my bucket list, saying it more often coming in a close second. Living for a month in France every year is one of my special favourites, and learning how to sing Amazing Grace is slotted in there somewhere (this one my family is not so sure of!)
    I agree Melanie, living large is the way to go!

    1. Carole-Ann I love a list like this. Sing Amazing Grace at the top of your voice. It is the doing that matters.

  4. I rode a very scary waterslide in Mexico last year. I have no idea how long it was but hundreds of meters. Working through the list!


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