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Sunday, October 14, 2012

What will you say when joy calls you?

Friday the planets were aligned. At least for me. Late in the afternoon there was a text from Janice inviting me to the Paul Freeman/Chris Izaak concert. Would I like to go?

Me: Yes

My colleagues at work: Where is it? What time? How much does it cost?

Me: Don't know. Don't care. It will be fun.
Thank you Janice!

I was so rewarded for my spontaneity.
LocationLe Grand Rex the largest cinema, theater and music venue in Paris with 2800 seats.  It is art deco with beautiful statues all around and stars on the ceiling.
Time - 8PM, so just enough time to change out of my business suit into more fun clothes and even enjoy an apero with my friends.
Cost - free! Yup 8 rows from the stage and free. An evening with great friends, a beer after the concert with Paul - what an excellent finish.

And the concert - oh la la. Paul warmed us all up with his songs and charisma. Chris Izaak had us all on our feet by song number 3. All but one young woman in the row ahead of us. She was with a woman who might have been her mother, and apparently felt it was more important to sulk than to enjoy the show. So while her mother and the rest of us rocked it out, singing and dancing like the fun people we are, she sat in her seat, barely looking at the show, sad or sulking or something.

I looked at this young woman and thought: she has no idea what she is missing. Here is this little opportunity to open up and let the joy pour in, and she said no thanks. While the rest of us were refilling our tanks for the day we might need to give more joy than we receive, she chose to stay on empty. At least she looked like she was on empty.

And you know, without knowing she gave me a gift. A reminder to never say no to joy, never to be so committed to my position that I miss such an invitation. So thank you young sad woman and I hope next time you join the dance.


  1. With that sparkly suit, how could anyone sit and sulk?

    1. Good point! And even sparklier personality.

  2. Hello Melanie! What a perfect note to remember each day to "join the dance", thank you!

    1. Thank you. Some days we need a reminder.


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