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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The gift my mother gave me

At a time in my life when I had a good job, great friends, and what I thought was the perfect boyfriend my mother gave me a gift.

 I had already refused this gift when offered by my sister and my very good friend. Both of them had tried to help me see that my relationship was not good for me, was not nurturing me, and was making me unhappy. "You are not yourself when you are around him." "You are setting yourself up for a big hurt"; and various other very true things were said to me by these caring people.

I ignored all of them. I loved the guy. It would all work out one day.

One day during a visit, my mother said to me

"I notice that you don't sing any more".

It took me a couple of years and a heart broken nearly in two before I really got it, but I finally understood.

After all, if your heart is not singing how can your mouth?

Discover what makes your heart sing, and do it as much as you possibly can. My new rule for a happy life.


  1. Hi Melanie! I wandered into one blog written by a girl in Paris (Janice at After the Artist's Way) and now I have found your wonderful blog! It is so very difficult to see very far when your heart is hurting, sometimes you don't even realize how much it is changing you until someone else notices. Mother's know where to look sometimes don't they? see the truth in their children. My youngest is going through a shattered heart and today his pain was so immense I felt helpless...your words have helped, thank you!

    1. Thank you for writing. While you were reading this I was sipping rose on Rue Mouffetard with the same Janice. She is an inspired writer and a wonderful friend.
      It is lovely to hear that my perspective was helpful to another person.

  2. Beautiful words. Your mom is very wise.


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