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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Returning to my roots

For the first time since moving here I had a recent attack of "Oh my God what am I doing here? I am not Parisienne!"
I am not sure what brought this on, probably the complexity of life here, not knowing how to get every day things done, realizing I had not done what I should to declare my French revenue (all fixed now), or just waking up to what a struggle it is each day to listen well enough to understand the conversations around me. 
This took me to a somewhat typical thought process, something like "If not Paris then where?". Clearly Canada is a good option to be close to friends and family, and the US was home for several years already with many good friends so it also makes the list. Other European countries? Other continents? I am just not feeling it right now.
While deliberating I took myself to my beautiful salon, and asked the stylist what I should do with my hair. He said "Retournez a vos racines", or Return to your roots.
So rather than move home to Canada, I returned to my natural hair color, which I have not seen for at least 20 years. I didn't even remember what color it as. Here you have it. Much easier than a trans Atlantic move!


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