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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Have a nice day

On the subject of what energy to send back into the universe, I am trying to make a conscious choice daily.

For example, Monday morning on the train to the airport, a very large woman boarded. She was clearly uncomfortable, perhaps physically, perhaps in other ways as well, and seemed to think that I was the source of this. After struggling with a good location for her very large purse (no not on my lap, not on top of the Kindle I was reading, not on top of my head which was lower than her) she heaved a big sigh and singled me out.
In French she began to yell at me for sitting down when the train was crowded. It was not so crowded and many people were sitting besides me.
I innocently looked at her and said "Merci Madame".

That did not help. In her very loud words, there were people on the train who needed to get to work and I was somehow not supposed to be taking up the space. Although I was also going to work, in Zurich, I did not bother to explain this to her. Just kept reading.

She then insulted my rather cool pink suitcase. I stroked the bag and told her I liked it very much as well .

Are you ready for this? Upon departing she reached out a considerable distance to intentionally step on my foot.
I wished her a nice day.

Don't get me wrong. I was being nice in what I knew was not an innocent manner. Nevertheless I believe I thwarted her attempts to be mean to me.
What do yo think?


  1. That was pretty neat. You didn't lose your cool.

  2. I think you did a great job of reflecting her negative, unacceptable energy back to it's source. And I'll bet you felt good afterward that she could not succeed in drawing you into her anger.

    The physical stepping on your foot might be the limit though. If she actually tried to push or hit you, I think it's time to punch her in the throat!

    1. Did I mention that she was a VERY LARGE woman? lol
      I will say that I would not have reacted in the same way from a youth or a man, but this woman was doing way more damage to herself than she could ever do to me.

  3. I'd have been terribly tempted to trip her *by accident of course* on her way out if she stepped on my foot.

    Whenever someone gets all angsty around me and says or fingers F U, I turn it right back to them and say "Thanks, I hope so"!

  4. I think you were right in saying 'Thank you', and I think you should accept the entire exchange as a compliment.

    When I was younger...and thinner...and cuter...I used to get attacked all of the time by older women. Not 'old' so much, but older than they used to be. They were really pretty mean, and I figured out that it was because they wished that they were something different than what they were. Not that I was keeping them from it in any way, just that I was a reminder that they were unhappy with themselves.

    In their minds, I was causing the bad feelings, so they lashed out to make me less of an offense. One even told me I looked 'disgusting' - not how I was accustomed to being described =) But I didn't feel disgusting, so it really didn't matter much.

    In short: That lady wanted what you have, right down to your cool pink suitcase. You're it, Baby!!

    1. Thanks Amie. I think she secretly wanted my seat but would not admit it!


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