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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Embarrassing moments

How many embarrassing moments does the average person have in a day? A week? 
Do I have more or less than the average?
Take today for example. I am at Monoprix picking up a few items. As usual I do not take a basket, because I only need a couple of things. Which turns into 2 sizes of garbage bags, 3 pairs of pantyhose, laundry detergent, cleaning cloths, and oh why don't I try that new bikini wax. 
I will tell you why not. As I was walking through the store I could feel something starting to slide from my over-filled arms. Now of all the things that could have fallen, which thing do you think it was? Of course, it was the bikini wax strips. And they didn't just fall all at once in their package. Oh no each one dripped from its now opened box one at a time onto the floor in a slow motion nightmare. 

And please never say the Monoprix staff are not helpful. The most attractive 6 foot something man in Paris zoomed over to help me retrieve my fallen articles, by picking up each strip one by one and handing it to me so I could put it back in its box. How nice of him. 

So tell me on average: One truly embarrassing moment per week? One per day? I am going to count this week. If I have enough fingers and toes.


  1. Funny, why did he hand them to you one at time....just to see you blush a little more perhaps LOL

    1. Good question and one I asked myself several times during the ordeal!

  2. I saw that guy yesterday. Holy hummina. I'd be horrified. I still can't buy tampons without a bunch of other stuff to distract the check out counter guy.

    1. Yes that was my well thought out but poorly executed plan!


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