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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tripping up Tripit

I think I may have confused TRIPIT. You know, the app that keeps track of all your travel for you. It also posts my trips on LinkedIn and Facebook so I can connect with friends and family who might be in the same area.
Well this week TRIPIT thinks I am in Barcelona. And Chicago. And Kansas City. And New York.
And I almost was in all of them. Somehow I managed to accept a meeting in Barcelona and decline a meeting in Chicago. The meeting in Barcelona was cancelled so I accepted the meeting in Chicago. I also thought of visiting my friends in Kansas City, so I added that on. But my Kansas City friends were busy so I cancelled that trip. Then I booked a weekend in New York instead. Confused?
TRIPIT is too!


  1. You have identified a problem with TripIt. If their customer reps are trolling the internet, they might contact you. Who knows. You might win a free trip too.

  2. Only you could be in all these places at the same time!
    Even Tripit can't keep up with you.

  3. I am not sure I can keep up with myself. Kathleen missing you too! Nona back Monday.


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