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Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 All that in one year?

What an exciting year it has been!
Spent a few days before Christmas in KC visiting good friends

Gina and I  spent Christmas zip lining and various other fun activities 

Flew to Kansas City in order to ring in the New Year with my KC friends. Very fun! 

Me at The Coliseum

During the same month I  managed a weekend in Rome where I made a new friend from Chicago

Champs Elysee

and mid-month viewed the Champs Elysees from the Big Wheel (I would call it a ferris wheel) at Place de la Concorde. Beautiful with all the  lights along the avenue.

My March highlights included a trip to NYC with Kristi. She is such good fun, and I am proud to say I wore her out. First time ever! 
I also spent a week in Connecticut, saw my friends Beth, Richard, Julie,  Marc and Eldon.

 I went to Tel Aviv for work, and then Barcelona with Stephanie. That was a rather busy exciting month now that I look back on it.

Rue Mouffetard

April brought a much needed visit from my friends Lynn and Lisa. 

I left them temporarily for a trip to Rome to visit Annie
Annie at The Vatican
Neapolitan in Rome

and then work, but caught up with them again for a weekend in Florence. The custom made leather jackets we talked ourselves into in Florence was an over the top extravagance.

My May travels included Chicago, where I saw my friend Andy, 

Brighton for work, 

and then I was off to Cabo San Lucas with Angie. That trip ranks as one of my very best vacations ever.

In June I went to Budapest, 

but more importantly I met Janice, a fellow Canadian and now friend who I plan to see much more often in 2012.

July was all France, starting with a work trip to St Cyr sur Mer

then Bastille Day with Janice and Alison, 

and finally THE TOUR DE FRANCE with Julie, Alison and Janice (but missing Kathleen and Chuck this year).

In August I started my blog (thanks if you are still reading!), fell in love with Berlin, 

made new friends Eric and Diane, and also had such a good visit to Nova Scotia with Mom, Renee and Angie. I managed to see Barb, Karen and Rick, Gloria, Malcom and Fern, Lois and unfortunately missed seeing everyone else.

Starting the month of September  I stopped over in NYC and met up with Kathleen, Gina, Lynn and Evonne for a very very fun weekend. Sex and the City lives on. 

Asia de Cuba
I also made it to the Czech Republic for work, Vienna for an afternoon, 
made new friends Karen and Nona, and cheered Julie on as she swam the Seine!

October was Sri Lanka with Alison (Incredible!)
Our Hikkaduwa home

Mount Sigirya

 and Budapest with Alex, Julie and Alison.

Buda Castle
November brought Cirque de Soleil with Stephanie
She had the coolest outfit
and another trip to Berlin (we are lovers after all).
It was all about the Gluhwein
And a non-trip to Madrid as evidenced by the lack of pics...

Best dessert ever, translated
something like
"If pigs could fly"
or "pigs on angel wings"?
Football Stadium
Home to Real Madrid

December will wrap the year nicely with a trip to Chicago and New York,

Tree at Rockefeller
 a visit from Gina, and finally ending with New Year's Eve in Berlin with Gina, Ian and hopefully Sina.
Of course I have forgotten some events and misplaced some photos, but all in all I feel like it has been a wonderful year of adventure, family and friends. Thank you to everyone who played a part.
Where do I live again? I might forget if it was anywhere but Paris!


  1. I made it into the blog post!!!! Meeting you was one of the most important highlights of my year, too. I'll be back for Parisian hijinks after Christmas.

  2. Can't wait to be a part of next year's wrap you dear friend! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Love being a part of your life :)

  3. Wow? What a year. You made it all happen.
    I'm proud to see my name appear in what is destined to become The Must Read of every years end.
    Keep it going!

  4. I'm tagged in this post! yaaaaay. :)

    There should be a ton of pictures on your computer now! Must have been difficult to choose which ones to post!

    The post is almost like "7 challenges in London" and "What I learned on my Sri Lanka vacation". Anyone who can actually learn from experience and list with bullet points, only word from me - Respect. You are able to do this.

    2011 has been eventful. Wishing you a better 2012 that will make smile more happily.

    PS: The best picture was that of the dessert. Please share the name of the dessert and address of the restaurant (asap). :)


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