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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It was as if I was never there.

Did you ever almost visit a city? I have at least twice.

I once went to Madrid. Well kind of. I landed at Madrid airport, stayed at a hotel with a Madrid address and had dinner at a Madrid restaurant. I am sure I was in Madrid because when we showed up for dinner at 9 no one was there - yet. By 10:30 the place was hopping.
What else? I saw a football stadium, some would say THE FOOTBALL STADIUM.
And that's all. 
So I haven't done Madrid at all really.

Similarly, I flew to Chicago this week, arrived at midnight, stayed in a hotel, went to an all day client meeting, slept in a hotel and flew out.
If Chicago were a lady she would never speak to me again. I would not dare treat New York that way! But Chicago is okay with my non-visit I expect. Probably didn't even notice I was almost there.

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