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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I learned in the Czech Republic

Traveling always gives me a chance to learn something; sometimes about me and sometimes about the pace or the people who live there. This past week was no exception. I was invited to speak at a client meeting on the future of digital and the practical business aspects of introducing new technology. What did I learn?
  1.   That presenting to an audience of Czech and Hungarians in English gives less than desirable results;
  2.    When you ask them to teach you something in Czech and Hungarian you should be sure to check the meaning before you show off your new language skills to everyone;
  3. That I don’t like Czech, Hungarian or Austrian food much;
  4. That Budweiser beer was originally Czech, not American (pretty sure Bud Light Lime is all American though)
  5. Traveling 5km across the Austrian border officially places you in the Czech Republic but not noticeably so;
  6. There are at least 3 Moulin Rouge locations in Europe;
  7.  When asking to be dropped off in the city center of Vienna you really should be more specific. Or have a map. Or speak German. Or get rather lost, which is also interesting;
  8.   If you are in premium shopping area, leave your premium credit card at home.

Random wall decoration Vienna

St Stephen Cathedral

Danger ahead!

The Opera House

Moulin Rouge #3

Unremarkable in Vienna
Colorful characters
The trip was far too short to become knowledgeable about Mikulov or Vienna, or any of the people I met. The drive through the vineyards, arrival in an area with several old castles rich in ancient and recent historical events, and of course the beautiful city center of Vienna were all good reasons for a return visit.


  1. Good advice for travelers. I'll be remembering #2 when learning another language.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I loved the photos and especially the wall art.

    I'll bet the Czechs, Hungarians and Austrians probably don't much care for their food either. Maybe the Austrians do. (OK bad joke). What I really want to know is what you tried to say in Czech and how it was interpreted.

    Regarding point #6, I'll bet there is a Moulin Rouge in Sri Lanka. Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to find it!

    Safe travels.


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