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Thursday, September 1, 2011

On Going Home Again

My childhood home in Hilden, Nova Scotia

You can’t go home again
And expect to find what you left
Preserved in resin
Protected for your return

Some things never change
You still laugh so hard with your sisters
Your mother threatens to disown all of you
And friends remain friends
I went to school here
Your junior high school is torn down
Keddys Motor Inn is now a Holiday Inn
There are more places to eat out
And the movie theater is no longer in town limits

Victoria Park in all its beauty
Still challenges you to get lost for a couple of hours
Glorious trees gracefully touch across the quiet streets
And oh the beautiful Victorian homes

People always ask if I will move back
Probably not – it would not be that “me” anymore
But a visit somehow
Restores an order in my soul.


  1. The movie theatre in my hometown is outside town limits, too. The original theatre is a bank now. I love this poem. It restores order in my soul.

  2. Nicely written. Your poetry come thru. All of your travels are interesting stories. I'm glad you've decided to write them.


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