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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paris Letters - this just might change your life!

When you read this book, you will laugh, you will cry and you will dream. I bet you will also make a change. 

There is no way to predict what you will change. 

Some people clean out their underwear drawer. Some decide to pursue their dream. Still others have begun to notice more beauty in their lives.

Last week during a spectacular vacation in Jordan, I was possessed by insomnia. Sometimes when this happens, I become increasingly frustrated, trying ever harder to fall asleep, a surefire way to chase away any hope of rest.

Not this time.  I opened my email and realised how heavy those 2000 emails in my yahoo account had become. And I had nothing better to do.

I started to go through them all. All of those junk mails. Gone.  
Emails I just didn't know if I might need some day. Gone.

And, wait for it, emails from ex-boyfriends. Yup gone. The ones that felt good at the time and those that never felt good. What on earth was I doing with any of them?

And under all of that stuff, I found a little treasure. A sweet photograph of my sister and mother before Mom was brought down by her disease. I love the smiles on their faces.

I also found a  collection of poems I had thought were lost forever. 

So thanks Janice for reminding us to dream big, do the necessary, and make room for the important stuff.

P.S. the book is getting so much attention Amazon is offering it up on it super value deal of the day! 
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  1. I have no idea where this was, but there was wine, so it was all good.

    1. The photo was taken Mother's Day at Salty's.


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