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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chateau de Chantilly - (out)side benefits

I have done some significant travel in July of this year including Montreal, Alberta, Connecticut, Paris, London, Wiesbaden and Tel Aviv. Imagine the surprise of my significant other when I suggested a day out of Paris last Sunday. This time though we went together.

 I live less than 30 minutes from the beautiful Chateau de Chantilly. Whatever took me so long to visit? And what else am I missing?

Once off the train you take a short walk through a park, past the Hippodrome,
Then you see this gorgeous stand of trees. What a welcome.

The walk  through the beautiful trees
is in itself an experience not to be missed
Then the chateau from afar
much like a fairy tale

Up close we are not disappointed

Brief pause for creme de Chantilly

And a walk through the woods to burn
the chantilly calories and enjoy the peace. 
You could spend hours here. We did. 
There are "rooms" designed for dining, games 
and other events.

Fountains galore

And sculptures to embrace the beauty of the fountains

Contemplating life outside of Paris.
A reminder to us to open our eyes and hearts to the beauty of nature. We live in what many consider the most beautiful city in the world, and were visiting one of the most beautiful chateaux.The chateau is home to one of the finest collections of ancient paintings in France (second after the Louvre museum),  And yet no matter how impressive the chateau its art, its library, for us the surrounding park was the highlight of our visit. 

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  1. I'm inspired. I've got to whip out my France map again. Merci.


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