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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Living in Paris ain't all that - it's more!

I have been reflecting a bit. Thinking about my time so far in Paris and how much I love it here. Paris has been invigorating, scary, exciting, challenging, and wonderful. I look younger - hell maybe I AM younger, and my happiness quotient is sky high.

What is so great about it you might ask? Well actually if you have been to visit me already, you don't need to ask. You might have had your happiness quotient raised while you were here. But just in case you are still wondering, here goes:

    • Paris is globally beautiful, the people, the clothes, the scarves, the boots, the parks, the buildings, the windows, the doors, the curbs - well you get the picture. 
    • There are 5 bakeries, 3 butchers, 4 cheese shops, 4 wine stores, 3 markets (4 on Sundays!), all within 2 blocks in every direction from my apartment. Oh and more cafes, bistros and restaurants than I can count. And several creperies. So on days I need a boost to my happiness quotient, I get one by walking through my neighborhood.
    Buying butter at the market

    Buying eggs

      • On Sundays a group of singers, musicians and dancers gathers a block away on rue Mouffetard to entertain us. And entertain themselves.

      • When I walk up the street everyone smiles and speaks to me - some call me by name! Just like home!
      • There is a feeling of living without a safety net. Mostly because I don't know who to call if there is trouble. Like when I locked myself out of my apartment and the locksmith I called tried to open my door with a radiograph. He told me that special tools are only used in Hollywood movies. He may be right, but that damn radiograph did nothing.
      • Wine is cheaper than Coke. I can go without coke for a long time if there is wine.
      • Food tastes like food. And I think there is still some nutrition in it. My mother once told me that there is more nutrition in the Styrofoam container than in the McDonald's hamburger!
      • Words spoken in French sound good. You will want to make love or drink wine - or drink wine and make love while listening.
      • Europe is an hour away in almost any direction. Well the rest of Europe I mean.
      • It is impossible to be bored. I bet you can't be bored here. Go on - try it!

         I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Yes of course I miss my friends and family, and yes sometimes I wish I had a jacuzzi or even a bathtub. But I have already created those memories.  Here in Paris I am working on tomorrow's memories.


        1. That sounds so amazing and wonderful and incredible. Between you and After the Artist's Way, I feel like I am living there with you guys. Never been to Paris. Big sigh. Someday...

          1. I so love your posts. You would be a welcome addition to our Paris life!


        Waiting to hear from you!